Virginia Therapeutic Farriery

Consultation Services



Consultations with the attending veterinarian and or farrier along with the client / trainer is the preferred method for treating referral cases. The interaction with the attending veterinarian / farrier allows for evaluation, discussion and implementing what is considered to be the appropriate farriery for a given horse. The professionals involve will then perform the follow up or on going farriery with Dr. O’Grady giving additional input if necessary, via text or phone. Consultations can be handled on site with the horse in person or through a phone consultation.



Dr. O’Grady is readily available to travel and consult with the attending veterinarian and or farrier on both therapeutic farriery and difficult podiatry cases. The patient can be located locally or located elsewhere in the country or any part of the world. Consultation in person with the attending veterinarian and farrier allows careful evaluation of the horse, the case is discussed, everyone understands the therapeutic farriery or treatment plan that was agreed upon, all parties take part in implementing the appropriate farriery / treatment and then the client’s professional team is able to provide the appropriate aftercare.


By Telephone

Consultations done via telephone are quite popular. Success using this method depends on the client’s farrier being receptive to the consult. A thorough history, digital radiographs, digital pictures of the feet and often a video are submitted to Dr. O’Grady. Four pictures of each foot should be taken with the horse standing on a firm surface…a front view, side view, a view of the heels (bulbs) with the foot off the ground and a view of the bottom of the foot. After review and evaluation of all the submitted material, Dr O’Grady will formulate a treatment plan, consult with the attending veterinarian and or farrier as long as necessary and submit a written report of his findings when necessary


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