Virginia Therapeutic Farriery

Second Opinions


Second opinions are provided for prepurchase examinations and insurance claims for the underwriter.

Prepurchase Examinations

It is well documented that 70% of forelimb lameness is localized to the foot or the digit above. The clinical / physical examination and the forefoot radiographs are two of the most important aspects of the prepurchase examination. Therefore, a second opinion on the forefoot radiographs can provide added assurance to the prospective purchaser. Dr. O’Grady will evaluate the radiographs not only from a veterinary perspective but also from the farrier viewpoint. Here the current foot conformation, the current farriery (trimming and shoeing) performed on the horse and potential farriery issues that may be encountered in the future are evaluated. A report outlining the appropriate farriery or recommended farriery changes can also be generated and given to the purchaser’s farrier.


Insurance claims

Dr. O’Grady often provides second opinions for insurance company underwriters where an experienced unbiased opinion is requested / required for an insurance claim involving an injury or disease localized to the equine foot. Evaluation of an insurance case undergoing treatment for a foot issue where another opinion or other treatment options are sought, requested or required by the insurance underwriters. Other claims evaluated for the insurance underwriters are a loss of use policy relating to a serious foot problem and mortality claims where an opinion is required with regards to euthanasia.