Virginia Therapeutic Farriery
Distinguished Educator (Mentor) Award
A few words from colleagues, friends, and family...

"Although I have only personally known Dr. Stephen O’Grady since 2012, his reputation as an excellent veterinarian, teacher, and scholar in the field of basic and therapeutic farriery was well known to me.  With this in mind, I invited him to be one of the featured presenters at the Seventh Annual NWPVMA Equine Symposium.  Attendance at the Equine Symposium consisted of horse owners, veterinarians, students, farriers, trainers, veterinary staff, and other horse enthusiasts that totaled 200.  His talk was very extensive, informative, and understandable by all the attendees. Dr. O’Grady had done such an outstanding presentation and was so well received by the attendees that I invited him back for the Eleventh Annual NWPVMA Equine Symposium.  He and CJF Jeff Ridley gave an all-day program with a live horse demonstration.

I believe that one attribute that distinguishes Dr. O’Grady from many others is his willingness to share his knowledge without personal gain.  His website is one example of this.  It is open to anyone and everyone that is interested in learning about the equine foot, its potential problems, and viable solutions.  Dr. O’Grady has consulted on a personal level with veterinarians, students, horse owners, and farriers worldwide.   He also has donated his time and efforts to help the working equines in underdeveloped countries.  His teaching approach is no nonsense, evidence based, and of the highest ethical standards.

I am proud to nominate Dr. Stephen E. O’Grady for the AAEP Distinguished Educator Award (Mentor)."

- Dr. David V. Medic, DVM  (Nominator) 



"I have known Dr. O’Grady personally and professionally for 25 years. I know of no other colleague who has mentored and trained veterinary students and equine practitioners in basic and therapeutic farriery, both domestically and internationally, nearly to the extent and with the competence and dedication of Dr. O’Grady.

Beginning in 2002, Dr. O’Grady assumed leadership of our Student Farriery Program for 14 years, developing a model for delivering farriery training to veterinary students that the AAEP continues to utilize today. During this period the AAEP recognized Dr. O’Grady’s efforts with our 2009 President’s Award. Dr. O’Grady personally taught at these programs throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Hundreds of veterinary students have received expert teaching in basic and therapeutic farriery from Dr. O’Grady through these sessions.

Dr. O’Grady is frequently consulted by his colleagues and frequently visits private practices to teach clinics and to lecture in continuing education programs. He has taught veterinarians and veterinary students many times, both at multiple AAEP conventions and meetings and internationally as well. Dr. O’Grady has been a frequent and valued contributor to the AAEP list serves on podiatry since their inception. He was honored in 2019 by the South African Veterinary Association with their Gold Medal. Various equitarian organizations have benefitted from Dr. O’Grady’s participation in teaching veterinarians and students in multiple developing world countries.

For years, Dr. O’Grady has maintained a very user‐friendly website with a continually updated library of peer reviewed, evidence‐based information for veterinary colleagues, students and farriers. This is a pro bono gift from Dr. O’Grady to our profession.

Insistent on emphasizing proven biomechanics and evidence‐based principles of trimming and shoeing, for both basic and therapeutic farriery, Dr. O’Grady stands out. He teaches without any element of marketing, self‐promotion or advocacy of novel techniques absent any relevant outcome data. As a true mentor must do, he thus promotes an ethical and evidence‐based approach to farriery. This is an extremely important element, especially when students and younger practitioners are involved."

- Dr. Harry W. Werner, VMD  (Nominator)



"We would like to add our congratulations to you on receiving the AAEP Distinguished Educator Award( Mentor) for 2020. It is richly deserved and undoubtably long overdue. Whether talking to a groom, an owner, a fellow farrier or a veterinary colleague you always have time to teach and explain to everyone involved in the case both the diagnosis and treatment plans. To ensure success in your many difficult foot cases, you promote education and a team spirit! You also hope that when you leave the farm everyone has gained a better understanding of the treatment mission, everyone will be more knowledgeable of the proper care of the hoof and most importantly the horse will be better off than when you arrived!!! Your willingness to share has helped both the human and equine parts of veterinary practice! Keep up the great work and interest in teaching!"

- Dr. Jane Fassinger, VMD and Dr. John Lee, DVM



"I can no longer count the number of times Dr O’Grady has been asked for additional presentations (time permitting). We have often returned on following days to present more information when we were not scheduled to do so. I, like many of those who Dr O’Grady presents to, recognize the credibility of his material and constantly hunger for more. I have accompanied Dr O’Grady to look at problem horses after a full day of lectures, not because he had to, but because he is passionate about the two professions he owns and about the horses he has the privilege of working on.

I have never known him to walk away or leave any stone unturned in his presentations or in papers he has prepared and shared with me. Dr O’Grady maintains a very professional website which is packed with peer reviewed papers with credible information giving access to veterinarians, farriers and horse owners to help them all have a better understanding of a podiatry issue they may have. Thus he is teaching even when he is not teaching.

I personally know of no one who has done more in regard to teaching and sharing his expertise and knowledge from his 50 year career as a farrier and veterinarian with fellow veterinarians, farriers, trainers and horse owners. It is a privilege to know him and to work alongside him, if even for a small portion of his illustrious career."

- Jeff Ridley, CJF, TE



“We couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of this award than Dr. O’Grady. He has a wealth of knowledge and an eagerness to teach anyone who wants to learn. Dr. O’Grady started out as our vet many years ago but quickly evolved into one of the most important members of our team, a mentor and wonderful friend.”

- Bree and Agustin (Chicho) Rosales



"First of all congratulations Stephen with the AAEP Distinguished educator award. It´s well earned. I salute you for your Award.

I have during my education as farrier, had a Master, he did my four years of education, my father. And then I got a Mentor, not long ago, you dear Stephen. In this man - mentor, I found qualities I´d never met before.  When a man push you in front of himself, with the intent of widen your horizon in farriery, and not let you stand in the shadow of his own. And quest your boundaries with simple questions and the respect for you as a individual........well that´s how my mentor is.

As I will never forget what you said to me Stephen "Know your biomechanics"  that has been one of the strongest sentence said to me. So I do salute you, for your ever lasting eager to never stop learning. And for your friendship for many years to come."

- Jan Krogh, Farrier (Denmark)



"Congratulations on being granted the Education (Mentor) award from the AAEP!  SO well deserved.  You have helped thousands of horses and hundreds of veterinarians, vet students, and farriers in your career.  And your colleagues noticed!  Bravo!  I only wish you could have walked a real stage rather than a virtual one.  But the honor is FOREVER!"

- Dr. Ann Dwyer, DVM



Congratulations Dad! Twenty-five years and counting with you as my #1 mentor. People continue to tell me I have big shoes to fill, but you and I both know that isn't true. You helped me forge my own shoes according to the biomechanics of my goals (no matter how many times they changed). I can honestly say that I would not be even close to where I am today without your encouragement, advice and support that you've given me.  You stuck up for me, helped me whenever I needed it, offered life advice, showed me the importance of giving back and took me to countless dinners all over the world. You have been incredibly generous with your time and energy, two things that can never be repaid, and I know you never expect me to.

You taught me to question, you taught me look for evidence, but most importantly, you taught me to think. Not only have you shown me how to be better in my career, but you have also modeled how to be a more effective and loving person. You are an inspiration to me and I hope to affect others in my life as you have affected me. Thank you for guiding me toward the right path of life, I wouldn't have had it any other way.

- Bear