Virginia Therapeutic Farriery

The Aura of the Replica: Polyurethane Models of Horse Foot Anatomy


Dr. Chris Pollitt from Australia needs no introduction. Dr. Pollitt is one of the foremost educators in the world with regards to the horse’s foot and especially laminitis. He has certainly been one of my mentors throughout my career. It has always been my contention, that for veterinarians and farriers to apply appropriate farriery, it is essential to know the anatomy, understand biomechanics and have a working knowledge of what constitutes good basic farriery. Dr Pollitt has created a revolutionary new way to learn the anatomy of the foot and distal limb. Virtual 3D anatomy is OK, but nothing beats holding the limb in your hand, rotating it, palpating it, and seeing it with your own eyes. He has made this possible with a range of polyurethane models of the bones, ligaments, tendons, and hoof capsule of the distal limb. The models are molded from genuine MRI and CT scanned specimens. You then color the plain white models using the most precise illustrations I have seen. This allows one to learn the precise anatomy of the equine distal limb in such a way as that it is not forgotten. Furthermore, the finished product can be set in a base and used for client education. I have a set of these models and they are truly remarkable!



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